Piotr Bilicki: Impossible is nothing. Just do it.

So my little living lab story started about 2 months ago, but back then I wasn’t even aware of it. I chose living lab as an intersemestral course on the spur of the moment, without any information about it (it just seemed to be nice). 

So yesterday after 3 hours (!) of sleeping (You know... student’s life) I woke up and went to Brest. I knew that the whole course will be in French and that I needed to be really, really (...) focused to understand anything. But my greatest problem was that the only thing I could think about was a big, black and strong as hell coffee. 


The first few hours were pretty easy cause Sylvie turned out to be a nice, optimistic woman with a lot of positive energy. What was great was that when she realized that almost half of the group has a problem with understanding French she started to give us some explanations in a more common language English. 


So, after a few hours we heard what our main task was and then our hell of a ride began. We had so many things to do, and the deadlines were so incredibly short that I thought we just couldn’t do it because it is simply impossible, but then I asked myself “Why not give it a try?”.