Manuel Espinel : As an engineer, I will put in practice these techniques every day.

My journey began on Wednesday at 9 o'clock when we all met for the first time, after we had finally learnt each other’s names, we started to walk in certain points of Brest to accomplish some missions, in the process I was able to learn simple techniques to get the most out of myself, like simple observation of the environment or just going out for walks, in order to get new ideas, get inspired and solve problems.


After knowing these key techniques we got the opportunity to put them in practice in a project with a group of friends, where I realized the importance of collective work, and solution diversity to reach in a fast way our goals, having many options to choose from. I’m glad I joined the living lab team, since as an engineer I will put in practice these techniques every day whether it is to design or to create solutions, taking into account team collaboration an my own beliefs."

Best regards,
Manuel Espinel
Co-acteur de la ville de demain.