Gizem Kaçmaz: When people come together impossible things can become possible.

Wednesday morning, when we started our course, I was not really aware of what we will do during this course. We started our trip with going to Europe. We took tram and we draw in the tram which is in our imagination. When we reached Europe, we have seen that the buildings are too high and they have kind of boring architecture. There was a playing garden but it was too small and there was not even any protection from weather conditions for it. During our journey we talked about evolutions that already passed and discussed about what the next evolution will be. 

Then, we went to the garage and Sylvie explained there what exactly we will do in this course and what our aim is. We decided our design and did our first prototype for the garage. 

Thursday we presented our jobs. Then we went to the garage to realize them. We learned the mean of teamwork. After all of these things I realized that we can change unvaluable stuff to precious things. 


Because, in the beginning, the garage was only an ordinary, empty place but now it is very cute and lively. No one could do that individually in that much short time. However, as we all know, when people come together impossible things can become possible. 

Gizem Kaçmaz
Co-actor of the City of Tomorrow