What you learned from the Discovery Camp!

The Discovery Camp to me is a montage of events and experiences. My experience with the discovery camp has been varied and insightful. It provided a window to observe and analyze the society and myself. Over the months many events have come to pass, some a wonderful experience others a learning experience. Keeping my prose concise, I would like to say this has been a memorable and insightful time.


The Discovery Camp openend my mind. I learned from sharing and exchanging with others, their cultural backgroung, their difference. My best experimentation was The Blind Spot on the beach in Dinard. How to build a decision path for my own personal and personal development.



Globally I learnt Business concepts, frameworks and insight that I could apply to understand my past 17 years working on a media industry. I came with the experience of how a specific product is created, developed and finally divested by my company. At ESC we went into the corresponding business courses to understand step by step in the life cycle of a product which are of business science we can dig to find data and tools to make it well. Beyond products, we go through all the ingredients such as external environment, the industry landscape, the company itself with its strategy, structure, systems, values, the leadership, staff and their skills. And behind all items scientists developing theories with experimental verifications. I came from engineering science and I was very surprised by the huge scientific approach behind the theories and concepts. It is probably what I really learnt.

The best Experimentation? The best New Knowledge? Best experiment is probably the group experiment. All things we have done together. Papers, presentations, discovery camps, the totem! and India. Probably India will remain as a great experiment. But the totem was strange. It was for me difficult. I was very affective at the beginning and I really experiment that to make it happen it was necessary to take a little bit of distance in order to put in it only a part of myself (and not all!) and let space or others to put in it what they were able to. It was an experiment enhanced by the fact I were used to work with people more or less like me and at discovery camp and during the ESC it was needed to work with people sometimes far away from me. It was a real experiment of diversity. Not the ones in the books but a real one!


Discovery Camp opened new doors and gave me material to support my reflection on my way to see the world. The best knowledge: Discussion on all types of books.


Collective work and Art. The best knowledge: Gamification.



I learned to discover the other ones and exchanges different points of views. I loved the games creation with the clay. That was a lot of fun.


La convivialité. The best experimentation: The first day.


I learned to change my thinking model by integrating new environments and thinking strategies. I undertake the experimentation, creation, and execution of a real project in benefit to others diferent that myself. What was the best Experimentation? The best New Knowledge?: Dreamming and the power of ideas and sharing knowledge.


I learned to work on terms with a different culture and background, understand the different points of view to finally get cooperation and collective intelligence to solve problems. The best experimentation was the firs day of class beacuse help all the cohort to know each others, the best knowledge was to meet so many different people with a different world and experiences.


The best of people lies beyond what they show or do... it is on how they feel and on how they make you feel. Getting to know a little bit of each other since the beginning and identify the things in common and build among the differences.


Build a team with the cohort. The first week when we met in Dinard.


Dream comes true... Eleonor is born.


Pas de connaissance réelle, juste comprendre qu'il faut de tout pour constituer une personnalité. Et les aspects philo, sociaux, jeux, créativité, sortir de l'amphi. Bref, pour moi l'expérience a été très enrichissante, et c'est un début. The best New Knowledge? Ouvre les yeux Fred. Cherche la beauté et la créativité dans ce monde. Car il y en a.


I learnt to listen and respect others: their ideas, not to judge, be comprehensive. What was the best Experimentation? The totem because we had to satisfy all of us despite the diversity and the size of our group.


As I see it, during every discovery camp we were reminded of how important and necessary it is to step out of our comfort zone in order to grow, develop, broaden the horizons, and improve.


The best Experimentation? The first session was essential for us to get to know each other and become a group: the bus ride to Dinard gave us time to exchange, the short stories on our backgrounds, all the talking during the lunchtime, the exercise repeating and memorising our names... In my opinion, it provided both the best experiment and knowledge.

I learned cooperation, team spirit, open-minded, innovation, be free. The best New Knowledge? Enlarge the vision, change the way of thinking


I learned team building, collective intelligence and collective decision making. The best Experimentation? Name Remembering excercise and the totem building.

I was enthusiast about the second seminar too now all group mates are well known and try to mingle with each other. It’s really a good feeling from insight; we have a chance to make good friends outside of our country.

I am personally enjoying very much. Methodology of EMBA is very unique for me, I like the way of participating in class, enjoying the way of debating.  Again I want to say that I appreciate discovery camp also for gaining knowledge of Third Industry Revolution concept.


I learnt that people can access deep locked sources of imagination only if they are not scared to go there. What was the best Experimentation? I loved the First week get-to-know-together activities, the FNAC visit and the book presentations. The totem, social project and diary blog were a challenge to the group as a whole.


hmmm....this is a tough one. I guess I (re)learn't err..im awesome? Also other people are ok too! Just ok, I learnt you can't get your way even if you're right and you will get it other times even if you're terribly wrong. I learn't about our cohort... 'participation', saw many different levels of it... from passionate, involved, doing bare minimum to 'why am I here'?

i did learn, that all (atleast in our cohort) have the 'desire to mean well', whether it makes sense of any kind or is worth even the words it is put into, is a different conversation entirely. I learn't from my colleagues, that along with being awesome and incredible there are parts of me which 'want to be miserable' and that im a 'delusional romantic', I am stating these accusations neither accepting or denying them. You two know who you are...$^@%$#^@%@ !!!! glad you two were around :)

New Knowledge? My colleagues learnt that I am awesome, it was an enriching and fulfilling experience for all of them to be in my company, especially the ones who got the priviledge and the honor to listen to my blarbs (under the influence of course) from geopolitics, the hellhole called the UN, the social do-gooders, my views on democratic processes and means of consensus building, to the topic of what I learn't in the MBA (friday evening), again you guys know who you are :-)
You're welcome.
I learnt a little more, now 'quantifiying' learning for me has always been a problem, so I don't know whether I learn't much or little, but this is what I learnt... I got the chance to be a part of a pretty cool group of people, got the chance to exchange confronting, conflicting to agreable dialogues. Now for the negative part, I guess some of the group will no longer be colleagues.... but 'friends' you know ? The kind who don't just go away... The kinda stick around, once again... you guys know who you are, or atleast I hope so ;)
Claimer :This is being written under extreme influence.