Our Last Discovery Camp!

For our last Discovery Camp, I suggest that we meet in a restaurant near the place where our walk will start for your Social Event.

La Réserve, 36, rue de la Visitation (Métro Hoche)



PART 1 - (1 hour 40 minutes)

We will start the conversation during eating. Each one will have to share a short story (5 minutes) from their experiment since the EMBA. What have you learnt during these 18 months that are valuable to you?  Sharing a knowledge that will be important if we want to improve the Society for the next century? Could you bring an image that would express, for you, what you learnt from the Discovery Camp? What did you prefer? How could I improve it?

PART 2 -  (20 minutes)

I will share with you what I learnt from you and ask you to evaluate the group with me.

PART 3 -  (20 minutes)

Participation to the collective artwork Bootles into See
What is your wish to make the world a better place?

PART 3 - (20 minutes)

We will get ready for the Walk and the Social Event.

1. Define collectively our Flash Mob with hats, do not forget to bring your hat;

2. Finalize the scenario and get ready for the animation of the event;

3. Distribute some flyers (in the restaurant (sofltly) and the streets around...

PART 4 - Walk, Flash Mob and Event (1 hour).

1. Go to Hoche Street and Bertrand  Street, starting point of the Walk;

2. Walk to St-Georges (Garden and Palace) and Flash Mob;

3. Collective Animation of the Event.

Here is the scenario of your social event:


We will have to occupy different positions. I suggest to do it by group of two or three.

To open the walk: Paola & Fred (Paola is the MC, so she has to be there first. Fred has a good voice, he'll be able to request Silence from the crowd when we'll be ready to start).
I will close the walk with Pierre and Estelle Baurès. Like this you will know that you cannot start before we're there.

16:20 - 17:00
Very short presentations, we're outside without sound system.


(Paola will be in charge. Fred will assist her to request silence)

Presentation of the topic (Importance du don d'organes)

Presentation of the project (Why you choose this project as a contribution)
Nadège, Xavier, Yvan and Ajay 

Presentation of the video: (Everyone should bring their smartphones and their tablets)
Christina, Cata and Dessy

Presentation of the Association (ADOT 35)

Presentation of the project: Bottles into the Sea.
Sylvie and Estelle Baures (LAURES - EHSP)

Collective participation
Your help all to make everyone put something in the test tube.

17:00 Ending