Your social project: HEROES


Nadège and Xavier did their presentation, you can consult it, HERE. Followed by a conversation where everyone agreed to produce a powerpoint/video (script-images) + Music. Deadline: Christmas. Lenght: 30 seconds - 1 minute max.

At the beginning of January, knowing the quality of what will be done,
you will decide where release it... on Internet only or with a special event with the community.



Catalina had this very good idea about HEROES.... Sebastien suggested a scenario approved by all.

Intro: Who save lifes? Photo of a fireman (for example), Some statistics... in link with organs donation. Photo of a doctor. More statistics.... in link with organs donation.Other photos of people saving lifes... Punch LIne at the end: If you decide to donate your organs, THE HERO IS YOU.

André is in charge with Catalina, Desi, (Xavier P. knowing that he has no time)... for the storyboard. Sebastien will suggest music and photos free of right. Juliet will assist him for the photos. The style will be like DID YOU KNOW?