Our Discovery Camp - Saturday | November 23, 2013


I tried very hard to obtain a special authorization to be able to use the facilities of the Fine Arts School this saturday, but it was impossible. The School is closed and no one was free to open it for us.

So, we have no choice, except if one of you have a better suggestion or idea, we will use the cafeteria and the amphi... for our next Discovery Camp.

Our agenda is divided in two parts.

1:30 to 2:00,
Nadège and Xavier M. will present their proposal for the Social Innovation Project
with some good tips they found in the book they have to present us.

2:00 to 3:00
Secondly, you will have to decide what exactly you want to do and vote for a final project. Third, in teams, you will make it progress as fast as possible. If you all agree for a video, you will have to finalize the script and the timetable to produce it. If not, you will have to present what the cohort wants to do in the time at your disposal. Short deadlines help to stay focus, if you're all motivated in a short time, it will be more efficient and the result will be better. Saturday is the day!

3:00 to 5:30
I would prefer if you finalize your TOTEM in one hour, that was the time I was prepared to give you… but since I know that you have to rebuild it… you may need two hours. We will adjust… we will try to do it in one hour. If you know exactly what you want, it could be possible.

I really need the best cooperation from each of you. Three people won't be with us: Franck, Hervé and Yvan. If you can speak together before saturday to agree on the final concept. the idea of the vase was a nice idea, you were almost there you may change the concept, but you won't have more time to do it…  it's your collective choice.

Please make sure you bring all the tools and the material you need. Your TOTEM has to be finished at the end of the Discovery Camp saturday. The TOTEM of Cohort 19 is ready. We will give both to the School mid-december.

As soon the TOTEM is done, if we have more time… will be able to progress on the Social Project. A little bit of creative stress...

I really look forward to seeing you saturday. Cheers.