To Build a Better Future Together...

It started with a dream ( I will give you back your envelops soon)... but as we all know to make any dream come true, it means also hard work, determination and discipline.  You need all your forms of intelligences to succeed and, as you know perfectly well, you need others to help you to achieve it!

You had the chance to discover each other, to think together, to become smarter, to enjoy the empathy of friendship, to be challenged... what a nice venture you already have experienced... you learned a lot, you had developed new competencies... and you will continue...

Some of you will leave Britanny, others will stay but you'll be always connected. You may become the best coach and consultant of each others.

For the next generations, you will let behind…  your TOTEM... it should be ready for Christmas 2013. The gift from your cohort to the past and next students... the message about the values that remains the most important for your group.

During the next weeks, you will have to work very hard, pressure will go up...   the white paper will be your last duty. But just before, I'm asking you, what will be your tribute to the community...  this work is as important as your white paper... think of something that you want the Cohort 18 be remembered for... an act of generosity to others that will symbolize the essence of who you are as a cohort.

You talked in India  which field you want to impact…  it was the medical one for some of you, the team will present their project during the next discovery camp…. and you will have to decide collectively a project that has to be ready for Christmas too. Time has come to Act, that will be the topic of our next Discovery Camp.

It will be also the last chance to finalize your TOTEM. Thank you in advance to all be there. I know that because some of you were not satisfy with the first one, you tried something else… but it seems that the result is not so good. The first one was better. You will have to rebuild it. 

Three scenarios possible :

1 - You redo exactly the first you did;

2- You redo it trying to improve it;

3- You do something else.

The DEADLINE: No matter what… the final work has to be ready at the end of our November Discovery Camp, the TOTEM that will be exhibited in Campus 2. Thank you to bring…. what you think could be useful…. Fred has already some stones and the vase, but you need to bring cords, raffia and the tools or anything you think could be useful for your work.

I made a special request to be able to go to the workshops of the Fine Arts School in Rennes, if I cannot obtain an authorization, we will do it at the ESC somewhere.

Our Next Discovery Camp will be about these achievements. The final TOTEM and your SOCIAL EVENT CONTRIBUTION.  You' ll get rmore stress and pressure in January and February… you'll be happy to have the TOTEM behind you. You had one year to think about it… it's more than enough. The school needs time to organize its exhibition for February, I have to give them at the end of the month.  I'm counting on each of you. 

If you need anything from me, thank you to let me know. I'll be in Belgium wednesday, thursday and friday, I need to get everything ready for you before this monday.

And, please, remember how collectively you're stronger… short deadlines are the best way to be creative!